Sunday, October 9, 2011


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Video games have come a long way, haven’t they?  We’ve gone from 8-bit graphics and MIDI music to full 3D renderings accompanied by orchestral scores in just the span of a few decades.  As someone who has been an avid player of video games for much of my life, these creations have garnered quite a bit of my interest. 
For the most part, when people look at video games, all they see are children’s playthings.  After all, they are “just games.”  This view, though, is becoming more and more outdated.  Video games are evolving into an impressive tool of expression.  Everything from deep philosophical ideas to complex mathematical formulas can be found in contemporary video games alongside stunning visuals and amazing displays of technology.  All of these factors combine to create entire worlds built entirely upon the imaginations of their creators.
This feat places video games in a similar sphere as movies and books, but one important difference sets games apart:  interactivity.  In a movie or book, you are watching (or imagining) this world from afar.  A game, though, sets you in the middle of the action.  The player adds to the world in the game, and, in doing so, adds yet another level of depth and complexity to the experience. 
Because of this deep complexity, games should not be cast aside as mere toys.  Instead, they should be looked at and examined closely and carefully.  All things look simple on the surface, but a closer look can reveal great insights that were hidden from afar.

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