Some Credits

I have a few credits to give here.  Many other people online have been influencial when it comes to this site.  This is particularly true of the video reviews and their style. 

Each of them will get their own turn below:

The effect Doug Walker has had on my videos should be pretty obvious.  They share a number of stylistic similarities and, if pressed to name a "most influencial" person, this would probably be it. 
The Cinema Snob Don't Click if Easily Offended!

Brad Jones, who himself was influenced by Mystery Science Theater 3000, was another important inspiration.  You can thank him for the Controversy Corner series.

This series is probably one of the most analytical I have ever seen on video games.  They often tackle rough topics in the gaming industry and tend to focus on the more meta aspects of gaming culture than specific games or examples.

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw is by far the most entertaining video game critic I have watched.  He tends to lean toward the negative, often exagerating faults, but he helps remind us that no game is perfect.  Voices like his push for improvement.  Even if you do not agree with his view on certain games, what he is doing is important to gaming as a whole.