Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 Facts About League of Legends

I've recently started to play some League of Legends with a group of friends.  I enjoy it.  Well, for the most part anyway.

The community is...interesting, though.  Just read through those glorious forums for a bit, and you'll see some real gems of information.  I'm going to share just a few of them that I've run across.

1.  Everyone Wins Their Lane.  Always.

I can't believe I lost games like this!  I always, without exception, win lane.  I've won every lane in the past, and I've already won lane in the future.  Hell, I've even won my lane in all the possible alternate dimensions, even the ones that are only theoretical!  All my opponents are disconnected at level 6, that's how much I've won my lane.

And yet I lost the game.  It's like laning doesn't even matter, since I win it so hard for all time.

2.  "Overpowered" is the Thing That Shall Not Be Spoken

Now, I'm not saying <Insert Champion Here> is overpowered.  All I'm saying is <Insert Champion Here> is far too powerful for their role.  They seem to beat everyone without any sort of effort.  It's like they're overly powerful, but not overpowered, cuz I'd never say that.

Conclusion:  <Insert Champion Here> isn't overpowered, but is likely too strong in every sense.

3.  Gamers Know Game Design.

I could totally balance all these champions and items.  I can't believe Riot is dumb enough to make these completely obvious balance mistakes!  I mean, I don't get paid to manage the complicated internal workings of a game's system, but how hard could it be?  I can see these novice mistakes every time they happen.

Their game may have millions of players, but they obviously have no CLUE what they're doing.

4.  Every Champion must be Viable in Pro Play

Why is it that Riot can't see the obvious flaws in the champions they've created?  If they'd just fix these few minor things that I've mentioned, it would no doubt bring <Insert Champion Here> back into viability and totally wouldn't have any unforeseen consequences.  I've looked into all the possible futures where my changes happened, and in no way could this possibly not work.

All of the champions, (but especially the one I play) can fit into the optimal situations of pro play.  God forbid I play a champion just because it's fun, I only care about winning, viability, and numbers.  Only champions with a high win rate can be fun, anyway.

5.  It's the Jungler's Fault

Support:  Ooops, I didn't notice I missed buying a ward at shop.
ADC:  OMG, report n00b jungler, didn't buy wards for support.

Top Lane: I pushed him all the way to tower, why didn't you dive him?
Jungler:  He's at full health, you're at 1/4 health, and I was ganking bot lane.
Top Lane:  Report jung, won't gank

Mid *Dead*: Stupid lag.
Jungler: that sucks.
Mid *Dead*: Report jung, made me lag.

Did it happen?  Was it bad?  If yes to both, report the jungler.

Insomnia Progress Report 11/27/2013

Alright, the game is still coming along nicely.  I have a few more things to do, but a playable demo should be ready to go soon.  One more map has to be made, and at least one more puzzle.  Then, of course, I'll have to give what I have done so far a complete run through myself to look for bugs and see just  how long it takes to complete from beginning to end.

The main challenges of the game are based around puzzles and exploration, and the player has zero combat ability.  As such, my run through will probably be much faster than people who've had no exposure to it.

I've also been experimenting with a save system, and trust me, you'll want to get the downloaded version of the game.  None of the sites I put it on keep track of saved data if you play it through the site's quick play feature.

Hopefully the game goes over well, I certainly enjoy it.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Still Working

Work on the survival horror game continues, and progress is definitely being made.  I don't have a whole lot of experience with more story driven games yet, but I think things are coming along fine.

As a result, though, Fungicide is getting a bit neglected at the moment.  I'd like to get some small release for it done, just to show that I'm still alive and doing stuff.

Really, I could release a demo for the survival horror game quite soon.  It's a bit different than most, and is much more an adventure game than an action game.  Puzzles can be quite rough to design.  Sure, they don't require all that artwork, but it takes some thought to make them feel unique and challenging.

The survival horror game is also the best looking that I've made.  Between the real-time lighting engine and my improving pixel art skills, it actually looks quite good.  At least, from my incredibly biased perspective.

Depending on how much I manage to get done on that, I may release a teaser page for it on Game Jolt.  Maybe.

However, since you're looking at my blog (lucky you), I'll offer a few screenshots of my upcoming survival horror game: Insomnia.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fungicide Progress Report

Fungicide Beta Release

Campaign Progress

Finally, the campaign game type is open.  Right now, both the prologue and chapter one are playable from beginning to end. Chapter 1 starts off locked, so you'll have to beat the prologue before it opens up.

Soldier's New Skill

The soldier got his fouth and final skill in this update: Bombadier.  It rains bombs down on a selected area.  If you can manage to corral the zombies, it can do significant area of effect damage.

Important Bug Fixes

There were a couple of important bugs fixed in this update.  For one, Survival mode now records high scores properly.  For another, each map is playable once again in Killing Spree and Survival.  Errors kept a couple from being accessible.Lots of other, smaller changes were made in this update as well.

More New Screenshots

Detailed Release Notes

V Changes
- The prologue level is now playable
- Chapter 1 is now playable
Killing Spree
-Fixed a bug that made the map unplayable
-High Scores are now properly maintained within a session
-Ending the game still resets all survival scores to zero
-Reduced skill shot cooldown from 30 seconds to 10
New Ability
Area: 100
Damage: 35 per Bomb
15 Bombs per use
Cooldown: 1 Minute
Instantly used on mouse
-Reduced starting HP from 100 to 75
-Added Pistol holding sprites
-Added SMG holding sprites
-Reduced Zombie alert sound volume
-Zombies no longer lose agro after the player has been hit
-Fixed a bug that caused him to attack without being alerted
-Greatly improved accuracy
Difficulty Levels
-No Health Spawns
-Mercy Invincibility reduced from 3 to .5 seconds
Nothing Special
-Mercy Invincibility reduced from 3 to 2 seconds
No Problem
-Zombies lose agro after hit
-New songs added
-Fixed a lot of problems with the main menu
-Added a "paused" sprite to the pause menu
-Added clear button indicators to the skills
-Added mouseover tips for skills
-Slight redesign on the HUD