Wednesday, October 23, 2013

League of Legends vs Starcraft

If you play PC games at all, League of Legends and StarCraft are probably front and center in your mind.  One has millions of both players and viewers, and the other is a titan IP that has been around for years.  They're very different games, but that doesn't mean you can't compare them.  With that, off we go!

I played StarCraft II for a couple years after its initial release.  Unforgiving is probably the best word for the multiplayer.  It was fast paced all the time, and God forbid you mess up on something.  Everything felt like it was on a razor's edge.  That tiny little mistake you just made feels like it cost you everything, and there's plenty of time left to screw things up worse!

Given StarCraft's history, though, you knew all this upfront.  I knew StarCraft was like that from the moment I took it off the shelf.  That feeling is one of the things that makes you play it.  It's for the seriously competitive, and nowhere online will you find much of a safe haven from that.

Then there's League of Legends, and the contrast, at least for me, is night and day when put next to StarCraft.  Aside from the player's themselves (I'll talk about them at some point...), League of Legends is a relaxing, almost no pressure game.  It's just not nearly fast paced, and so not as stressful.  At some point, in the crossbreeding process between Action RPG and RTS, a bit of edge was lost somewhere.

League of Legends


Maybe League of Legends changes as you climb the ladder.  For now, though, it's just a fun time killer to play with friends.

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