Friday, March 2, 2012

In The News: New Smithsonian Exhibit to Feature Video Games

Are video games an art form?  Well, the Smithsonian seems to think so.  On March 16, the museum will open a new exhibit focusing on the growth of video games as an art form, where they’ve been, and where they are now.

The question of whether or not video games count as art has been a pretty contentious one.  Adamant voices can be found on either side.  Some describe them as ultimately mindless wastes of time while others look at them as a new medium of expression that deserves serious consideration.  As it turns out, the Smithsonian seems to fall in the latter category.

Various specific games will be featured in the exhibit to show the evolution of games during their short history.  Games like Mario Bros, Pac-Man, and The Secretof Monkey Island will be displayed alongside a total of 80 in the exhibit. 

Notably, this exhibit will be among the first in the world to tackle the subject of “The Art of Video Games.

What do you think?  Are video games an art form?  Why?  How do you think this exhibit will be received?

Source:  New Game Network

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