Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nostalgia Blindness

During the short time I have been making the Retro Review series, I have discovered that people are willing to forgive a lot of faults in old games. "It was good for its time, they say, you're being too harsh on it."
"Good for its time" is not necessarily a compliment. There was a time, after all, that covered wagons were the preferred method of long distance transportation. Was it a step in the overall improvement for the technology? Yes. Is it an efficient form of transportation compared to airplanes? Of course not.
A truly good game should not need excuses for it's faults. Classics are those we can play, even today with all of the advancement games have made, and say they hold up under scrutiny.
I'm not going to treat nostalgic games better simply because they are older. They have to live up to the same standards as all other games.
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