Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fungicide: 2D Zombie Shooter

Fungicide Beta Release

Caution: Contains animated violence and gore
An action packed, zombie murder spree.  Go back to the days of classic shoot 'em up arcade games with Fungicide.
Infectious fungal spores have turned an entire city into raving undead monsters. Fight through the hordes, while suriving the best you can.

Zombies are not the only threat. The infection has created large mutated creatures and even changed some common denizens of nature into killing machines.

Fight your way through two game modes, and over ten different enemy types.


Game Information:

Players: 2 (splitscreen only)
Controls: WASD movement and mouse aiming
Game Modes:
  Killing Spree - Kill as many as you can.
  Survival - How long can you last?

Fungicide is currently in early Beta.  Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Send in high scores for glory!
Fungicide Beta Release  
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