Monday, March 18, 2013

Things to Come

This blog sure has suffered neglect recently.  It's like one of those starving kittens you see on ASPCA commercials.  I definitely intend to rectify that in the near future.

Not right now, of course.  My procrastination hasn't quite been exhausted yet.  For those of you who are regularly checking this blog (I'm probably addressing an empty room with that), here's a brief rundown of the things I plan to add.  Plus, this will make me a bit more accountable to actually DO stuff.

First, I have been working to develop a 2D game in my spare time.  I'm going to start recording that process here.  I'm sure someone will find those exploits interesting.

Next up, I'm gonna talk about online-only games at some point soon.  Sim City came out recently, and it committed an atrocity that needs to be pointed out.

So, those are the things on the agenda.  I expect to have two posts in the next week.

Update: Those posts are up.  Links can be found above.

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