Monday, December 16, 2013

Insomnia Demo Retrospective

Overall, the response to Insomnia's demo was luke-warm.  Which is alright, since that's still warm rather than cold.

As a result of the feedback, I'll probably change a few things.  First, I'll most likely implement some sort of map to the pause menu.  Players found it far too easy to get lost, which causes a bit of frustration.  Still, the exploration was meant to be the bulk of the challenge, replacing straight up combat.  I'm on the fence about that whole mess.
Otherwise, the criticisms weren't all that specific.  I basically got a general feel of "decent, but not good or great."  It could probably still use some polish.
In the end, I learned quite a lot from building this demo.  I've got a better appreciation for building larger, more complex maps, which will likely carry over into other games I create.  Also, some of the ideas here will work really well for improving and working on Fungicide's campaign.
Insomnia is probably 1/3 complete content wise.  I'll have to make a whole lot more artwork before I can get the next level out.

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