Tuesday, April 30, 2013

$0.99 Games and Expectations

I've seen a few posts online complaining about the lack of quality when it comes to indie games.  The situation, though, is hardly as surprising as some seem to think.

Of course you're not going to get AAA quality from a small game developed by a few people over a weekend.  In fact, you'll be quite lucky if it's enjoyable at all.  When you download freeware games, you should expect them to be terrible and then be pleasantly surprised when they turn out ok.  You hit the lottery if they're any good.

This changes a bit if you're paying for the experience, but the water is still a bit murky.  Say you buy a $0.99 game from the app store or something.  How great do you really expect it to be?  Sure, it might entertain you for a little while, but you shouldn't expect anything ground breaking.  Not for less than a dollar.

Put things in perspective.  What kinds of things can you get for a dollar or less?  A drink at a gas station, some candy maybe.  Any crap the Dollar Tree happens to have that day.  If that game you got gave you as much enjoyment as any of these things, I'd call that a good deal.  If it turned out to be a great game, you got lucky and should appreciate the value.

The more something costs, the more you can expect out of it.  Remember to keep things in perspective, though.

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