Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why does Blizzard hate PC Gamers?

Seems like Blizzard would be greatful for the PC audience.  After all, you guys and gals out there on are what gave the company the clout and resources it has today.  Yet, it really seems to hate you, and wish you would stop messing up its lawn.

Yes, Blizzard has come a long way since the early days of Orcs & Humans, all thanks to the PC.  Recently, though, it came to light that Diablo III would be released on consoles, without all the bullshit attached.  That's right, the dirty console riff raff gets Diablo III without the real money auction house, and without an always online requirement.

I'll probably buy Diablo III now.  The always online was the main thing holding me back.  But why spit in the face of all those PC players with their decked out PCs?  Blizzard would do well not to forget its roots.

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