Friday, April 19, 2013

The Death of Mario

Take a look at the Mario games of late.  You'll find nothing but a pile of mediocrity, mostly retreading the same ideas from decades ago.  New Super Mario Bros is a hilariously ironic title, isn't it?  The gameplay dates all the way back to the 2D era, even as far as Mario Bros 3.  It is a title that seeks little but the attention nostalgia might bring.

It hasn't always been this way.  Yeah, I like Mario games, I'll admit it, but they've been nothing but disappointing lately.  Mario Galaxy was the last game that felt new or fresh.  Then what did Nintendo do?  Why, cash in, of course!  They looked at EA, releasing titles yearly, and thought, yeah, we definitely want to be like them.  From that poisonous mindset came Mario Galaxy 2, the final straw.

Really, Nintendo?  $60 for a glorified expansion pack, if that?  Your fanbase can only take so much before it realizes what you're doing.

Nintendo needs to find a way to freshen up its lineup, or this just won't go on.  I liked you, Nintendo, your games elicit fond memories from childhood.  Would you stop spitting on that?  For just a second?  It'd be great if you went back to making games instead of copy pasting them from years ago.

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