Thursday, February 20, 2014

LoL Talk: Ezreal Support

I've been trying to see what all roles I can fit Ezreal in.  Why?  I like to play him, nothing more special than that.  That adventure, of course, has led me to support.

Notable Aspects

First is the 100% ADC complaint rate.  Yeah, at one point or another, my ADC has complained about this pick in each game I've played.  Even when we destroyed our lane.  I guess I can see where they are coming from, Ezreal's not much for utility.  I personally wouldn't complain too much about this pick (except for Ezreal being taken).  I don't care what my support picks, as long as he stays alive and helps keep up the pressure in the lane.

Ezreal is a poke support.  I'd compare him to Nidalee and a bit of Sona if she doesn't max her heal.  He has no CC, so he relies on poking enemies down from a safe distance.  Thus far, my ADCs and I are not on the same page here.  Many ADCs dive in like I'm Leona or something.  Surprise, that doesn't go over too well with Ezreal's strengths.

What are his strengths, exactly?  Well, he does decent poke damage.  His early game AD takes a bit of time to be out scaled, so he can auto harass reasonably well.  Meanwhile, W and Q make for good poke.  I've built him AP each time so far, and having the burst damage is pretty nice.

His burst damage goes through the roof with enough AP.  You help in team fights by dealing out this magic damage, as well as using True Shot Barrage to weaken grouped enemies.


No peel. 

None at all.  I've found that the best way to keep an assassin or bruiser off the carry is to make yourself a focus target instead, and then escape because you're Ezreal.

No CC. 

As mentioned above, he has none.  You could perhaps remedy these situations by building Iceborn Gauntlet or something.

Gold reliant. 

The biggest weakness by far.  Ezreal needs items to be useful, so bottom lane had better go well.  You don't need kills or CS to get enough gold, but if your carry is getting destroyed, you'll struggle for relevance later.

The Plan from Here

I haven't been convinced that support Ezreal is unplayable.  Quite the opposite, I have about the same success rate as with other supports.  So, I'll keep going on this when I support, along with Orianna.  I'll have to find out a good build.

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