Friday, February 14, 2014

The Twilight Zone


There, now that that's done, we can talk about the first twilight section.  It's pretty straightforward, really.  You have to work your way through a few obstacle courses as wolf Link.

Down The Drain

The sewers are pretty unremarkable, as they always are.  This section just serves as an introduction to wolf Link and what he can do.  Short answer: not a lot.  Besides his incredibly context sensitive jumping powers, he's more or less a downgrade from regular old Link.

The emphasis here is on navigation.  You have to find tucked away little holes and switches to progress for a bit, then you run around on the roof for a while.  Some combat is on display, but it's quite easy to avoid fights due to wolf Link's speed.

So, linear segement with emphasis on the "where do I go?" question.

A couple of people have told me this section lost their interest, and I understand that sentiment.  It's a stale section, with the main reward being getting out of it.

Story-wise, important, though.

Let There Be Light

Then, you gather light tears (or something) in the forest.  Could be nonlinear: "find these things in whatever order," but suffers from Faron Woods being a linear area anyway.

Maybe these tear missions get better.  I can't remember for the life of me. It's hard to quantify, but this was far less interesting than saving the kids, even though they're the same quest if you strip away the context.

Let this be a lesson: the more impactful the thing is, the more rewarding it will be to find.

Still More on the Way

I really held off on the Skyward Sword comparisons again.  They were glaring me in the face, but don't belong in this post.

Twilight Princess is a long game, so more of these articles are coming up.

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