Friday, February 14, 2014

Twilight Princess Design: Introduction

The game I'm working on could be charitably called a Zelda clone. A 2D one, but still.  As such, I've been looking quite heavily to all Zelda games for a bit of inspiration.  Zelda games usually evoke certain feelings, and, more than anything, it's those I'm trying to replicate most.

The Goal

In the next few articles, I'm basically going to be taking design notes while playing Twilight Princess. I'll be trying to find out what makes it tick, then sharing my thoughts with you.

Why Twilight Princess?

It isn't the most popular Zelda, you'll find a decent number of people who hate it. Personally, I thought it was good.  Most importantly, it was one of the best at invoking a particular feeling: that you've come a long way from where you started. Occasionally, you stop and think "wow, I've really been through all that."

I want that feeling for Hero's Handbook, so why not look into how Zelda has done it?  I hope it's not sheer amount of content, that sure would be disappointing.

I'll also be looking for dungeon design pointers, because Zelda is where you look for those.

Final Comments

Don't like my reasoning?  Let me know in the comments.  Alternatively, enjoy the ride.

Oh, and I'll be spoiling the crap out of the game, so heads up.

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