Friday, February 28, 2014

Out In The Field

Finally made it to Hyrule Field. I really liked the freedom to roam around a bit.  I ran around the first little area for about 15 minutes or something like that having a grand time killing goblins.

Then it's back to hunting tears.  This one was better than the last, or more interesting anyway.

Actually, scratch that.  I am too frustrated with this game to give it a fair shake at the moment. I lost all my progress at one point and had to play the section from the end of the forest dungeon through the mines two times in a row.  This game was not designed with this in mind.  I'm going to angrily rant about it anyway.

Cutscenes are arbitrarily not skip able.  Some are, some aren't, for no clear reason.  The game KNOWS these are cutscenes, and outwardly tells me I "can't skip."  Why in God's name would you do that?  They should all be skip able, no excuse.  If I want to watch them, I will.

There's already a plan in place to prevent accidentally skipping important scenes.  You have to press the - button two times, so they don't even have that excuse.

I think I mentioned it before, but it takes too long to go from "game over" to the next try. Now I'm going to mention it again. It makes you listen to a little melody any time you die before allowing you to pick retry.  All it does is give me a second to decide your game is a waste of time, Nintendo.

They could remove the sumo wrestling thing from the game.  I would not miss it. At all. Hold forward while smashing A gets you through it mostly, but it's just an annoying version of rock, paper, scissors.  Except it's sidestep, hit, grab.  Grab counters hit, sidestep counters grab, hit counters sidestep.

It means guessing, and guessing is boring.  I hate that kind of system.  It's not fun, and it has nothing to do with adventuring.  Keep your minigames optional, Nintendo.

The popup indicators for actions are vague at best.  A pops up on screen.  That could mean: rapidly press A, hold A, or press A with timing.  Good luck!  Noticed this when catching the rolling Gorons.

The menu system is annoying.  Why demote B from being the back button? I muscle memory that thing every time I try to leave a menu, and just keep equipping the stupid, useless fishing pole.

Why is this the only Zelda game thus far to do a full heart damage when falling off ledges? All the others only do half.  What, are they just that desperate to get people toward their mandatory game over jingle?

Another minor thing: your "you have a key" indicator Nintendo, should NOT be transparent on the HUD.  Transparent means: "you do not have this."

I was having a lot of fun at the start of this session, I really was.  This is going uphill, I said to myself.  Running around, killing goblins, exploring around, but the game just keeps poking me with these sharp sticks every few minutes.

I'm not even mad about the lack of any sort of auto save.  That wasn't a big deal, but it's no good when most of the stuff I have to go back through is annoying.

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