Friday, February 14, 2014

LoL Talk: My Ezreal Build

I said I was going to start this series yesterday, but that didn't happen.  Instead, we're going to start it off today with what I build on Ezreal and why.

A disclaimer first.  I'm terrible at League of Legends.  I have, however, spent the vast majority of my few hundred games playing Ezreal as an ADC.  I've played him in other positions too, but that's not my focus here.  I get a bit of pushback on my build in more than a few games, so I'm just going to outline why I build some of the things that I do.


This pick gets the most people riled up by far.  Most ADC don't get this item, so most just assume it's a lackluster buy.  Truly, this item isn't the best on most ADC, but that has nothing to do with Ezreal in particular.

Triforce offers a lot of different stats.  In particular, the Sheen AP, mana, and spell blade don't work on all ADC.  Meanwhile, it is great on Ezreal.  The spell blade passive gives a huge damage boost to Mystic Shot, Ezreal's harass and poke tool, as well as a major source of burst damage when building AD.

This boost, provided you can hit your Mystic Shot, outperforms most other common ADC buys on Ezreal.

Blood Thirster

A common pick on ADC, but still bears explanation, particularly when compared to Blade of the Ruined King.  These two items are actually quite similar when it comes to their stats.  Blade is more effective on ADC that scale well with attack speed.

While Ezreal gets quite a bit out of attack speed, he gains more from the raw AD of Blood Thirster.  In fact, it only takes a moderate amount of stacks for it to surpass Blade's damage.

The numbers support Blood Thirster, as long as the other team doesn't have particularly fed tanks.  In that case, Blade's % damage may be the better route.

I'll be putting up more League content worth discussing as I come across it.

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