Sunday, February 16, 2014

LoL Talk: Vamp Scepter Rush

As my last post indicated, I usually play ADC.  That just because I like to play Ezreal, rather than particularly enjoying the ADC role.  Still, since I play Ezreal the most, and he is predominantly an ADC, I need to look into how that role works from time to time.

You'll notice that many ADC rush Vamp Scepter.  It's a sustain item with a bit of AD.  The main benefit of it as a first buy is to allow you to stay in lane longer than someone who doesn't have one.  For high ranking ADC, this is a standard first buy.

Me, I haven't been rushing it.  That may possibly explain some of my ranked performance of late, but I'm not entirely convinced that you MUST have a vamp scepter for the laning phase.  As in, your very first buy along with boots.

I'm going to start getting it, to see what the difference is.  However, I'll only buy it when I'm starting to fall a bit behind.  To me, that makes the most sense when looking at the sustain it provides.  Sustain is a form of defense, and if you're overwhelming them with your attacks anyway, you won't need too much of it.

Otherwise, I'm going to continue with Triforce, although I may start getting Sheen before Phage.

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