Sunday, February 16, 2014

Osu Passive Health Drain

I've played some of the mouse game Osu, and I really cannot understand why passive health drain exists.  It doesn't make sense.

In Osu, the little failure meter, you know, the thing on Guitar Hero that you have to keep above a certain threshold, constantly goes down.  Whether you miss notes or not.

This serves no purpose but to be infuriating.  The bar goes down as the song continues anyway if you miss notes, there's no reason for it to just go down for nothing.

All it serves to do is punish you for breaks in songs.  That's right, it just takes it to you because the song has pauses.  You have to recover from a loss simply because there weren't that many notes in a section.

Games shouldn't punish the player for no reason at all. It just makes me give your beatmap a low rating. Stop with the fake difficulty, Osu's hard enough. People can use the mods if they want a stupid challenge.

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