Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LoL Talk: First Ranked Games

I hadn't played any ranked until recently for a variety of reasons.  First, I couldn't be bothered to buy the necessary Champions.  Second, all that wait time before a game begins.

This past week I played some duo queue ranked with my friend Glyphic21.  Overall, a sad experience.  Ranked is a lot like normals, except with exponentially increased whining.

Winning and losing hardly matters to me. Starcraft beat that out of me long ago. I play individual games for the purpose of improving/practice.  Oh, and fun. A particular ranked loss isn't going to ruin anyone's lives, but you'd hardly notice that with some of the attitudes on display.

I was whined to about my performance by people with more than 6 deaths.  I was accused of going AP Ezreal because I had the 30 AP from Trinity Force.  Bloodthirster and Last Whisper must be standard AP Ezreal, then, because those were my other items.

I was told I should dive the enemy ADC in team fights, again, as Ezreal.  While an enemy Vi licked her lips and dared me to try it.  This was by our jungler, a bruiser.

So Ranked: a long setup time whine fest.  I'm determined to make it work, though, since it's probably the best avenue for improvement.

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